Our Auto Shop H.I.S.tory

Hi! We’re Dave and Char Gibson, owners of H.I.S. Automotive Services in Roseburg, OR. H.I.S. stands for honesty, integrity, and service, and these are the principles on which we base our business. After having worked for dealerships and big corporations, and seeing firsthand how people were treated, we felt we could offer a more personal touch to auto repair. So after much thought, time, and prayer, we took a leap of faith in May of 2012 when we opened our own auto repair shop..

We didn’t start with a big bankroll. As a matter of fact, we had only $8,000 to invest, a third of which went toward renovating the shop and another third we used to pay our rent two months in advance in order to hopefully get going. It took a lot of long hours, patience, hard work, and stress, but here we are years later, and we haven’t looked back except to see how far we’ve come.

With the technicians and staff we have on board at H.I.S. Automotive Services, we have a total of over 60 years of auto repair experience. But experience isn’t everything in the auto repair industry. To keep up with changes and advancements in today’s automobiles, our technicians attend six to eight training courses a year so we stay on top of the latest automotive technology. Keep reading to learn more about our individual credentials and expertise.

H.I.S. Automotive Services Auto Repair Shop

“Being my own boss is rewarding. We don’t make a lot of money, but I get to decide if I’m going to go broke or not, and someday—by standing by our principles of honesty, integrity, and service—I believe we will start to enjoy the fruits of our labors.”

- Dave Gibson, Owner

Dave & Char Gibson Owners

Dave has been in the automotive industry professionally since 1983. He spent the first 18 years of his career with Toyota, achieving Master Technician status, and went on to work with Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge, where he earned Level 4 status in their diesel, electrical, engine, and drivability categories. Dave has also worked as a technician for two very reputable independent auto repair shops, servicing all makes and models of cars and trucks. He and Char have been married for 30 years, have two awesome sons, Ty and DJ, and two even more awesome grandbabies, Clark and Sadie.

Tim Wells Lead Technician

Tim comes to H.I.S. Automotive Services from the coast, and has been with us for about two years. He is very high-energy and family-oriented, loving his kids, 4/4 mud bogs, and obstacle courses. He and his brother compete with a vehicle they built together. With over 10 years of experience as an auto repair technician working on Toyota, Chrysler, and various makes and models, Tim is a great asset to our team as we move forward and grow. Easygoing and approachable, he is also ready to step in when a customer needs a ride, an answer, an explanation, or just about anything.

Ed Swinson Technician

Ed also comes to us from the coast, and is our new kid on the block. He loves his family, his dogs, and riding his motorcycle and 4-wheeling. Ed says he is most at peace when he is in the hills, exploring new places. With over 24 years of experience as a technician, shop owner, and shop manager, he also brings a wealth of knowledge to H.I.S. Automotive Services. By nature, Ed is to-the-point, and some may say, a man of few words, but you can be sure what he does say is the truth. We’re confident he will be a great asset to our little family, and with his experience, he will also be a great resource to us and our customers.


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